Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dear Friend,
For six months now, we have been trying to figure out how to put our thoughts and feelings about you into words. It is next to impossible to explain the amount of love and respect that we have for you. We cannot begin to imagine what you are facing right now and the array of emotions that must come with it. We pray for you daily and know that God loves you and is mindful of you. What a unique bond it is to have with one who lovingly places her baby in your care. Please know that we will teach this child to love and respect you for your selfless and courageous decision.
Spencer and I met nearly six years ago (2002) while we were both working in the cardiology department at LDS Hospital. Our first date was fishing in Park City after a couple of coworkers cleverly set us up. We were instant buddies. I was positive that’s all it would ever be due to our age difference, (I am 5 years, 5 months, and 20 days older than Spence). However, “buddies” grew to friendship, friendship grew to best friends and a year later no one was more surprised than I was when I discovered I was indeed in love with the kid. We wrote faithfully to each other while Spencer served in the Czech, Prague mission and were able to get to know each other on a whole new level. When he returned we had a deep and meaningful relationship. Spencer is my best friend in every aspect and I know that I am his.
(In Spencer’s words) Where to begin about Jill? There are a lot of qualities about Jill that she would not tell about herself that I as her husband have a chance to write about. First of all, I think that Jill is so beautiful; she really takes care of herself and translates her energy and personality into her look. Jill’s personality reflects her personal experiences. She is really strong and a little stubborn; she is also super independent and is a great partner in crime. Jill is so much fun to hang out with. We love to go to movies together, play all kinds of games together from Rock Band to cards and go on trips with family together. It has been an amazing experience to know Jill and get to spend time with her. I know this is pretty cheesy, but Jill really is my best friend. It is hard to put a person in a paragraph, but this is Jill in paragraph form.
(In Jill’s words) In a nut shell, Spencer is the ultimate big teddy bear! He is the kindest man with the biggest heart. An eternal optimist he is always full of compliments and always brings out the best in me. I think perhaps his best attribute is his loving nature. His number one priority is to make sure his family is happy. There have been nights were I know he has stayed up half the night to think of something nice to do for me or to help me when I am frustrated with a situation. He’s very sweet and always makes sure we get to watch my cheesy chick flicks or go to the ballet even though it’s not something he would otherwise do. I always have fun being with him whether we are fishing, skiing, playing games, or even just cleaning house. Spencer is very intelligent. He is my walking dictionary, spell check, and historian. He loves to learn and is a good worker. He is truly my best friend and I consider myself lucky to get to have him as my companion.
Spencer and I have been married for 2 and a-half years now and it just keeps getting better and better. We both keep pretty busy with school and work but love to call each other a dozen times a day to tell about the latest funny thing that just happened. As mentioned above we both enjoy skiing, camping, playing with our dog Rudy, golfing, playing video games, and fishing (although Spencer enjoys the last 2 a little bit more than Jill). We both love to travel and have been to Europe, Mexico, and a few places here in the states like New York and Alaska. We both are looking forward to traveling a lot in our future. We both also really enjoy being with family. Whether we are spending a week in Mexico with them or a weekend in St. George; an online Xbox tournament with 16 of us or a night of board games, we often would rather be spending time with our family then doing anything else.
Spencer has plans to finish his education with a Masters degree in Cognitive Science (Psychological engineering). Jill is currently working as a cardiac sonographer (taking ultrasound pictures of peoples’ hearts) however Jill is really looking forward to staying at home and taking care of her family. We are looking forward to teaching our children about the importance of family, the gospel, and education. We are excited to bring a new member into our family to share in our love and fun times.

Saturday, March 22, 2008